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Showrunner Erica Messer explains Thomas Gibson’s departure from the TV series “Criminal Minds”  ( Entertainment Tonight / YouTube scrennshot )

The highly publicized onset altercation between Thomas Gibson, who plays the role of Aaron Hotchner, and a producer has led the former to being fired from the hit TV series “Criminal Minds.” Showrunner Erica Messer explains Gibson’s departure, as reported by Movie News Guide.

Messer revealed that it wasn’t easy writing that particular episode wherein Gibson exits the show. In fact, the character of Aaron Hotchner was supposed to have a big part in the next season, but under these circumstances, the show must adjust and move on.

It won’t be easy for fans of the show to accept what happened to Gibson’s character. As Messer explains, they won’t be able to please everyone with their decision on how Hotchner would leave the series in “Criminal Minds” season 12. It was ultimately decided that the character would enter a Witness Protection Program to protect his son; this would be believable given the fact that Hotchner has always been a good father.

There were even discussions of killing off Gibson’s character such as being killed in a car crash, however, Messer decided against it and thought it would be better if fans saw the character as someone who would leave everything behind just to be a good father to his son, Jack.

Gibson is a fan favorite as the viewership of the show drastically declined upon the announcement that Gibson was leaving the show.  In addition, Messer stated that the possibility of Gibson returning to the show is not for discussion as of this time according to Tripped Media. She added that the best way to treat his departure is the way fans have treated the abrupt departure of Many Patinkin, who played the role of Jason Gideon, back in season 2.

Gibson’s departure will be addressed in season 12’s later episodes. Would you still watch “Criminal Minds” season 12 despite Thomas Gibson’s departure? Write and share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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