Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 4 Return Date, Spoilers; A Monster Creature on the Prowl? [Watch] – Movie News Guide

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 4 Return Date, Spoilers; A Monster Creature on the Prowl? [Watch]

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 4 was much awaited but there is a delay in its telecast. It is expected that episode will be aired next week.

The original telecast which had to take place on Oct. 19 was postponed due to the broadcast of the final presidential debate. Indeed, the debate involving Democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton and Republican nominee, Donald Trump replaced the time slot on 19th.


Most networks had put off their designated shows for the night to allow viewers to watch the speech without the fear of missing out on their favorite dramas.

So when will Episode 4 air?

According to the revised plan, Criminal Minds episode 4 will air on Oct. 26. Titled ‘Keeper’, the episode will portray a malicious serial killer in Virginia.

Spoilers Episode 4

Do not miss the trailer along with this news for episode 4. It deals with a serial killer in rural Virginia more specifically the Appalachian Trail area. The BAU team has launched a major search operation for this criminal to stop further gory murders.

Promo Clip with More Spoilers

The promo shows some terrifying sequences as the malicious serial killer has claimed the 7th victim. This is extremely scary as the speed with which killings were happening left everyone perplexed as to the modus operandi of the killer. The BAU unit is getting their best brains to crack this case, and nothing but tracking down the killer is their main agenda before more mayhem.

Is the killer a human being or a strange creature? There are indications of a wild and abnormal nature of the killer and clues do point to the presence of someone weird behind the murders. Episode 4 promises to be more thrilling in more ways than one.

Criminal Minds episode 4 is back Oct. 26, 2016 at 8pm central time on CBS.


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