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Things are not looking up for Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and they won’t be for a while. This is the case in the next episode of “Criminal Minds” season 12, “True North.”

(Photo: CBS)A promotional still from “Criminal Minds” season 12, episode 18, “Hell’s Kitchen.”

There is no mention of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) genius in the synopsis of episode 19 as it appears that the group might have their hands full on their latest unsub.

“Criminal Minds” season 12, episode 19 will see the BAU attempt to get to the bottom of a crime that ended up with three victims tied to stakes in the Arizona desert.

Although there is no name-drop of Reid in the synopsis, fans can count on seeing more of him as his dilemma behind bars continues to get worse.

The speculation is that Reid’s ordeal, which is getting worse by the minute, is all Mr. Scratch’s (Bodhi Elfman) doing. Interestingly, fans will see the serial killer in this “Criminal Minds” season 12.

That being said, viewers might finally learn more about what brought about Reid’s tribulation and how he might get out of it if there is a way out.

Fans are counting on Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) to save the day. Unfortunately, his big comeback is not happening until the “Criminal Minds” season 12 finale, in which he will bring a lead in Reid’s case that might just prove his innocence.

This means that the episodes leading up to the finale might see Reid still locked up and the longer he stays there, the more he changes and adapts to how things are done in prison.

In the previous episode of “Criminal Minds” season 12, Reid decided to tamper the drugs he was forced to smuggle in prison. Unfortunately, these same drugs ended up inside the system of his only ally behind bars, endangering his life.

In this week’s “Criminal Minds” season 12 installment, Reid will have to deal with the repercussions of his move, which, admittedly, is not the best decision he made considering how preoccupied he was with Delgado’s death.

“Criminal Minds” season 12, episode 19, “True North,” airs Wednesday, April 5, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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