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Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is set to meet a new acquaintance in prison in the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds.”

Facebook/CriminalMindsReid is in trouble in the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds.”

In the episode titled “Alpha Male,” the promo reveals that the Behavioral Analysis Unit will not be able to stop Reid from going to jail. The special agent has been carted back to the United States after it was determined that the murder victim, Rosa Medina (Ani Sava), was an American. The FBI and the BAU could not help him with the case, though. Because Reid’s trip to Mexico was illegal, he was not eligible to use the organization’s legal counsel.

Reid’s colleagues can only watch as he is led inside the penitentiary, where he is bound to meet his new friend.

Calvin Shaw (Harold Perrineau) is going to be Reid’s prison buddy. He appears to be friendly. In the teaser, he tries to engage Reid in small talk. Later on, Shaw warns him that he has to learn to survive. He tells Reid that he can trust him on that one. On Reid’s first night, a bunch of convicts are planning to beat him up. Reid looks defenseless compared to his attackers. Will Shaw come to his rescue?

Executive producer Erica Messer recently told TV Guide that they are in no hurry to end the Reid storyline. Viewers will get to see how the BAU will scramble to get their member out of jail. Prentiss (Paget Brewster) has already proven that she can break the law for her friend’s sake although the EP teased that this would haunt her in the upcoming episodes. As for the rest of the squad members, Messner promised that there are a lot of surprises coming the viewers’ way.

“They will basically do everything in their power. Nobody wants to do anything that would cause the BAU to get investigated, but at the same time, some characters make some choices that maybe they’ve never had to make before. Or if caught, they would say, ‘I did it that and I would do it again if it meant I would save my friend.’ It kind of allows the entire team to look at their actions differently because one of their own is in trouble,” Messer said, according to TV Guide. 

“Criminal Minds” season 12 episode 15 airs Wednesday, March 1, at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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