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Feb 14, 2017 | 11:06 AM

Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will be held in a Mexican prison for murder in the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds.”

Facebook/CriminalMindsReid is in trouble in the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds.”

In the episode titled “Spencer,” the synopsis (according to TV Guide) reveals that one of the Behavioral Analysis Unit members will encounter problems in Mexico. In an attempt to save that person, the International Response Team will be tapped to help. The promo shows that the one in trouble is Reid, who previously asked for an extension of his leave to be with his sick mother. The teaser does not explain much about what happened, but it is revealed that he is being accused of murder. Reid looks lost during his booking. His hair is unkempt and it seems like he has had no sleep.

The specialist is supposed to be in Houston with Diana (Jane Lynch). Reid decided to put his mother in an institution where she could be properly treated since she is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He took some time off to take care of her himself, but he knew he had to go back to work soon. Reid even tried experimental drugs to cure Diana. When he returned from his leave, his colleagues were all worried about him. JJ (A.J. Cook) told the others that Reid appeared to be going off the deep end.

In a recent interview with TVLine, showrunner Erica Messer and actress Kirsten Vangsness, who co-wrote episode 13, said that “Spencer” is related to Diana and that it is a “course changer.”

“I seem to co-write the episodes that change the course for people. That does not mean the ends of people, it just changes their course. So [Episode 13] is a course changer,” Vangsness said.

Messer adds: [It is] a journey for [Reid] and for the team that I would argue we never even imagined would happen — and yet it happens, and we’re along for this ride. And it’s an intense one.”

“Criminal Minds” season 12 episode 13 will air on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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