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Criminal MindsWhat in the world is happening with Spencer Reid on “Criminal Minds“? There are many different TV-related questions that we’ve been sent over the course of the past several weeks, but this is one of the most-frequent ones … and we understand why for a number of different reasons.

1. The end of this past episode – We saw Spencer leave the team, presumably to go care for his mother. This is the sort of situation that makes you wonder if he could be gone from subsequent episodes much like he’s been in the past, but there’s no confirmation of that.

2. General paranoia – Given that we just lost Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore over the course of the past year, it makes a certain degree of sense why there would also be some fear that something is happening to yet another major character.

3. Episode titles – We know that there is one coming up in the second half of the season entitled “Spencer”; the “Morgan” episode last season was the beginning of the end for Derek on the series, so it only makes some sense that there would start to be a little bit of fear out there about his status.

With that in mind, though, there is one thing that we’d remind you of: Having these sort of titles is not a death sentence. Penelope is still alive despite that episode so many years ago, and the same goes for JJ. Sure, those characters did go through hell, but they’re still out there. Heck, even Derek is still alive and could return someday.

For a little more clarification as to Spencer’s fate, co-executive producer Harry Bring said on Twitter earlier this fall that this title was not an indictment on whether or not he will die in an upcoming episode.

The one thing to remember with Spencer’s story and where he is at right now is that Jane Lynch will be returning as his mother this season. With that in mind, you can easily see his departure leading directly to her being back on the show, or the “Spencer” episode being about their relationship. There’s never been some hard-and-fast rule that says that having an episode named after you means that you are in mortal danger.

If you are a Reid fan, we understand your fears — he’s an amazing character and Matthew Gray Gubler is tremendous. For the time being, our advice is merely to take a deep breath, and know that it doesn’t appear as though him riding off into the sunset is in the cards for at least the immediate future. There may be some other exciting things planned for the character.

Interested in getting some other news when it comes to “Criminal Minds,” be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: CBS.)

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