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(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds’ Official Facebook Page) New spoilers for “Criminal Minds” season 11, episode 17 hinted that a kidnapper known as the Sandman could try to kill Derek Morgan’s girlfriend Savannah Hayes.

CBS recently released a new promotional trailer for “Criminal Minds” season 11, episode 17 and it hinted that a kidnapper known only as the Sandman could kill Derek Morgan’s girlfriend Savannah Hayes.

SpoilerTV reported that the official synopsis for “The Sandman” revealed that the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is going to head to Witchita in search of an unknown subject (UnSub) who is abducting children while their parents sleep.

Yahoo!News added that the promotional trailer for “The Sandman” hinted that the kidnapper mixed sand and glue together. He would then sprinkle this concoction over the eyes of the parents in order to make sure that they stayed asleep while he stole their children.

The preview for “The Sandman” also teased a “deadly twist” in the episode and flashed to a scene of Morgan kissing his girlfriend Savannah.

In the previous episode of “Criminal Minds,” Savannah revealed to Morgan that she was pregnant and there is always the possibility that she will be targeted by the Sandman once he finds out the BAU is after him.

If Savannah does become a target, the Sandman could decide to kill her in the hopes of demoralizing Morgan and the other members of the BAU so he can make a clean getaway.

However, there is also the chance that the Sandman will somehow find out that Morgan is going to be the father and attack him sometime during episode 17.

Either way, Morgan is still recovering from being held hostage and tortured in episode 16, so he is probably not going to take kindly to someone else threatening his family.

Aside from the new promotional trailer for “The Sandman,” CBS also released a few new titles for upcoming “Criminal Minds” episodes.

Carter Matt pointed out that episode 18 is going to be called “A Beautiful Disaster” while episode 19 is titled “Tribute.”

Criminal Minds” season 11, episode 17 will air on Wednesday, March 16, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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