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(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds’ Official Facebook Page) New spoilers for “Criminal Minds” season 11 revealed that Derek Morgan will deliberately walk into a deadly trap during episode 18.

New spoilers for “Criminal Minds” season 11, episode 18 hinted that Derek Morgan is going to walk into a trap and either be killed or be forced to watch his girlfriend Savannah Hayes die.

SpoilerTV reported that CBS released the official synopsis for “A Beautiful Disaster” and it revealed that an unknown subject (UnSub) is targeted the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

The BAU is then forced to band together in order to figure out who is targeting them before one of the team gets seriously hurt or even killed.

Previously, “Criminal Minds” season 11, episode 17 revealed that someone is trying to kill Morgan and “The Sandman” ended on a cliffhanger. Viewers saw a gun being fired and it was implied that Morgan was wounded.

Carter Matt added that the network also released the promotional trailer for “A Beautiful Disaster” that revealed Morgan purposely walked into a trap.

The preview implied that the person who is targeting the BAU could be the same person that tortured Morgan in episode 16.

Unfortunately, Morgan’s desire for revenge appeared to be clouding his mind and he was taken off the case.

In a desperate attempt to find the would-be killer, Morgan tried to track down the UnSub and appeared to have walked into a trap that could kill him.

Criminal Minds” co-executive producer Harry Bring seemingly confirmed the fans’ worst fears by tweeting “CM 3/23. Be aware. Very aware.”

However, it is possible that Morgan will survive the episode and Bring’s recent tweet is an attempt at misdirecting fans.

Perhaps the trap Morgan walked into will not kill him, but instead he will arrive too late to save his pregnant girlfriend from being murdered by the UnSub.

It is possible that Morgan will attack the criminal in a fit of rage and will manage to subdue the person until the rest of the team arrives.

Criminal Minds” is currently airing on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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