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Antonia Slade, played by Frances Fisher, a convicted serial killer, told the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) supervisory special agent Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner during episode 21 of the American police procedural drama TV series “Criminal Minds” that a storm will be coming his way and he should brace for it.

It seems like Slade is right on cue as the Season 11 finale of “Criminal Minds” to air on May 4 shall see Hotch being apprehended by a SWAT team for alleged conspiracy.

It is not clear what the supposed conspiracy is but what is certain is that the entire BAU team will be working hard to clear the name of their leader, notes Cartermatt.

The 22nd and final episode of Season 11 is entitled “The Storm” and it seems like the storm shall indeed come the way of Hotch.

The teaser trailer for the Season 11 finale of “Criminal Minds” also showed Dr. Tara Lewis, played by Aisha Tyler, being in danger so that should surely put fans and viewers on edges. In fact, some are now checking if actress Aisha Tyler has already signed a contract with CBS for Season 12 of “Criminal Minds” but the information seems unavailable online.

However, for sure, many are looking forward to her return next season since she did well in covering for the other female mainstay of the series Jennifer Love Hewitt, who took a leave of absence during the Season 11 of “Criminal Minds” after she gave birth last year.

Dealing with the problem

Based on the synopsis of the Season 11 finale episode, the BAU team will be dealing with the big problem involving the apprehension of their leader.

While on their efforts to clear Hotch’s name, the team will stumble on an even bigger plot ahead involving an unresolved case.

Showrunner Erica Messer confirmed in a recent interview that the Season 11 finale episode of “Criminal Minds” will be about Hotch but she does not want to say that Hotch is going to be the center of the finale.

According to reports, the mysterious villain named Mr. Scratch will return in the final episode. He was one of the few unsolved mysteries from “Criminal Minds,” notes the Ecumenical News.

The UnSub first made his appearance in an episode of Season 10 as a serial killer who controls the minds of his victim. Hotch fell victim to his tactics and was drugged and tortured by Mr. Scratch back then.

But the criminal was never caught and was never heard from the TV series since. However, his identity remains a puzzle to a lot of the fans of “Criminal Minds” to this day. It is likely that the Season 11 finale will make the big reveal on the identity of the creepy killer.

The producers can only guarantee to viewers that the Season 11 finale episode will surely get everyone talking after watching it. Messer also disclosed that the finale episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 11 will leave a cliffhanger in preparation for the show’s Season 12.

A ‘Silence of the Lamb’ episode

Episode 21 of “Criminal Minds” that aired on April 27 featured a convicted female serial killer named Antonia Slade who had information regarding the whereabouts of two missing boys.

It was actually an episode that resembled the movie “Silence of the Lamb” where Antonia was synonymous to Hannibal Lecter, played then by Anthony Hopkins, while the BAU team members are synonymous with the detective role played by Academy Award-winning actress Jodi Foster in the film.

Criminal Minds Season 11

Instead of getting direct information from the notorious serial killer, Antonia seems to have gotten into the heads of practically each of the BAU team members beginning with Agent Hotch.

The episode, entitled “Devil’s Backbone” actually showed Antonia appearing to be orchestrating everything even if she is already behind bars.

She also has her own rules in talking to the BAU team members because she wants it one at a time. She obviously played mind games on them and even attempted to drove wedges on their working relationship.

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