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The case is very, very personal for Matt Simmons in this episode of Criminal Minds, as he finds out that the site of a hostage situation is the law firm where his wife, Kristy, just started working. But he can’t just rush over there like he wants to (at least not at first), even when the BAU is put on a clock by the UnSub.

As we see in “Ex Parte,” Kristy doesn’t just sit by and do nothing. In fact, the women are the bravest hostages in that law firm, though that doesn’t end well for one of them. One of the men tries to trick an UnSub (but ultimately fails), while another man’s fear almost leads to a tragic moment.

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Simmons Needs to Be There

At night, two UnSubs, dressed in black and with their faces covered, take two men who work for a security company hostage at their van. They have them hand over their badges, keys and clothes, and one of the UnSubs tells the other he’ll take care of them. We see him fire two shots.

As Simmons gets ready to leave for work, he can’t find his phone, his very old phone as Kristy teases him. She tries to persuade him to upgrade, even bringing up the children, but he’s a creature of habit. Well, it’s a good thing she’s already bought him a new phone then. Still, he’s sticking to his guns (and phone); it’s not about his fear of change, but his commitment to the things he trusts. He leaves without the new phone, she puts it in her bag, and you just know that’s going to come into play later on.

The two UnSubs easily gain access to a law firm with their stolen uniforms. Meanwhile, Cole talks to the receptionist about an appointment he made that’s not on the schedule. Once the men return from the server room, the three of them take out guns and take everyone in the law firm hostage.

Prentiss alerts Rossi and Simmons to the hostage situation downtown, but when she tells them where, Matt freezes because Kristy just started working there a few weeks ago. He’s ready to run down there (and probably find any way inside that he can), but he can’t. He and Kristy have a plan for the kids if something like this happened, he explains, but they thought their roles would be reversed. He can’t be a bystander, and Prentiss agrees to let him stay and help them build the profile.

Cole’s clearly the one in charge of the three UnSubs, and he has everyone hand over their devices. Kristy knocks her bag under a couch. (Nice move, Kristy!) A paralegal, Steven, claims that he left his at home after arguing with his girlfriend, but Cole calls his phone and finds it on the table. He backhands Steven, and one of the other UnSubs has to pull him off him.

J.J., Tara and Luke arrive on scene and find out from Commander Nash that there’s C4 on all the doors into the ALDC offices. The UnSubs have made zero effort to establish any line of communication, and in fact, when the phone rings in the office, Cole picks it up and hangs up. It’s crude psychological warfare, Reid says, which suggests they’re dealing with young men. (They are.)

Kristy begins talking to a coworker about creating a distraction because she knows the FBI has no way of seeing inside, but then Cole takes the other woman to her office. He wants her to choose a representative to speak on his behalf to negotiate with the cops. She refuses, and he kills her.

He sends her body down in the elevator with a phone, which he calls as “Bad Guy #1,” a sign he craves attention. Tara refuses to let him intimidate her, and he tells her that he’ll kill a hostage every 15 minutes if they don’t release Leonard Hagland from prison.

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Things Get Too Real for the Simmons Family

Leonard was the former leader of a hate group, the Horsemen, identified by the ALDC. In 2015, he shot state troopers during a raid on his house, and he’s on death row, scheduled to die on Monday. They hope if they bring him in, he’ll be so arrogant, he’ll brag about his master plan. (He’s no help.)

The security company van is found, and the two men are alive inside. The UnSub shot a seat, not them. He lied to his partner, a sign that he’s having doubts.

Once Cole walks off, Kristy hurries to her bag, takes out the new phone, slips an AirPod (yay wireless earbuds!) into her ear and calls 911. They forward her call to the FBI, and Simmons is able to talk to her. Garcia gets to work activating the phone (Kristy can’t since there’s no service) so she can use the camera to give them eyes inside. “I want you to know how much I love you,” Simmons tells her. “I love you, too,” she replies before hurrying back to her spot right before Cole returns. He takes a hostage and executes him.

Cole sends the body downstairs and calls Tara. Release Leonard and it’s over, he says. Release a hostage, she counters. He hangs up.

Once she has the chance, Kristy retrieves her phone, and with it activated, can switch to a video call. She and Matt can see each other, but they have to focus. Kristy hides the phone on a shelf and shows them her earbud (so she can still hear them).

With the video, they’re able to I.D. the UnSubs: Dalton and Jasper, both dishonorably discharged and ex-cons. Cole visited Leonard in prison, and their body language in the footage suggests father and son. Cole’s his illegitimate son, desperate to be legitimately acknowledged by his absent father.

With this news, Leonard tries to negotiate with Rossi to let him talk to Cole and to get off death row. Rossi’s not there to make deals.

They need to undermine Cole’s belief that he’ll gain his father’s approval. They can start by using his real name (Josh Martin) and information about his mother.

However, they better do something fast, because one of Kristy’s coworkers is a bit too worried about the phone and alerts Cole’s attention to something on a shelf. When he finds the phone, he thinks it was the coworker’s doing, but Kristy stands up and tells him she did it. Cole drags her off, puts her in front of the camera and tells them to watch.

Tara comes to her rescue, telling her to repeat what she says, and uses the information they’ve found about Josh and his mother to get to him. His partners are upset that they’re risking their lives for that, and Josh shoots one of them.

But Simmons has managed to get into the building and the ALDC offices using the vent the UnSubs were going to use to escape, and he draws them away from the hostages. He finds one back at the vent, and when he pulls his gun, shoots him, and then he gets into an all-out fight with Josh, which ends with Matt choking him. It’s Kristy running in and telling him, “it’s not you,” that gets him to release him to be taken into custody.

That night at home, Kristy says she doesn’t know how she feels, and Matt tells her she’s going to want to talk to someone, not just him. But hey, here’s some good news: he’s using the new phone. It is, after all, the phone that saved her life. (So, he’s saying she was right?) 

Alright, Criminal Minds. You’ve put Kristy in danger. You put a gun to her head. Nothing else can happen to her now. Deal?

Do you want to see more of the Simmons family? Were you worried about Kristy?

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