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tvN‘s ‘Criminal Minds’ staff recently announced that director Lee Jung Hyo has stepped down from his position.

On July 28, ‘Criminal Minds’ production company Taewon Entertainment told Sports Chosun, “Just like any other drama, the ‘Criminal Minds’ staff was split into Teams A and B. Originally Yang Yoon Ho PD was responsible for Team A while Lee Jung Hyo was to direct Team B. However, the filming amount increased as both teams decided to merge together into one, forming Team AA.”

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The representative continued, “They were in a deep discussion regarding the editing and music process when there was a disagreement, which led to Lee Jung Hyo PD stepping down from his position as director. In response to this, the production company tried to persuade him. However, Lee Jung Hyo PD’s agency CJ confirmed Lee Jung Hyo will no longer be directing the drama.”

Previously, Lee Jung Hyo PD was responsible for directing numerous dramas such as ‘Good Wife‘, ‘A Witch’s Love‘, and more.

tvN’s ‘Criminal Minds’ airs every Wednesdays and Thursdays, starring actors Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo.

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