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The winter premiere of Criminal Minds was perhaps one of the better episodes of the last few seasons. It offered viewers a chance to see the criminal element known as the Dirty Dozen get taken down in an episode that saw Reid under the gun, both figuratively and literally. While many fans may have believed that this was the last they would see of this group of bad guys, that may actually not be the case.

Criminal Minds offers a peek into what lies ahead for the season

As part of TVLine’s winter preview, Erica Messer the show’s boss, indicated that while the Dirty Dozen may not be quite as in play as they have been prior to that winter premiere episode, that does not mean the Criminal Minds team is completely out of the woods. In fact, she said that she could not say that they are completely gone until the season comes to a conclusion.

However, after the winter premiere episode and the take down of a number of members of the Dirty Dozen, it will technically be business as usual for the members of the BAU. Upcoming episodes of Criminal Minds will offer up such themes as an Uber-style thrill as well as bring cases that reminded people of Aileen Wuornos and even the movie Room.

The 16th episode of the season will see Danny Glover making an appearance. The episode will be called Derek, which perhaps may worry some of the Criminal Minds fans as the possibility of a character exit certainly comes to mind. However, Messer is remaining quite about the chance of any character’s making their exit in the episode. Instead, she chose to tease viewers with the idea of cliffhanger endings. The same kind they tend not to use in the middle of a season, but rather as a way to draw a season to a close. These cliffhangers will begin following the 15th episode.

Another big thing that fans of Criminal Minds have to look forward to is the show’s 250th episode. That special event will be directed by one of the stars of the series, Joe Mantegna. The title of the episode will be Sandman, which will see a family killer. Of course, details on that are staying under wraps (even if the title alone gives some clue to the crime and the criminal).

Fans of the series will have to tune in to see just what Messer means by cliffhanger style endings and even the upcoming business as usual episodes. Criminal Minds airs on CBS on Wednesday nights.

What do you think of the fact that the Dirty Dozen may not be as gone as everyone believed? Are you concerned about the episode titled, Derek? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

By Dorothea James

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