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When the BAU headed to Clayton, Delaware, to investigate after three kids went missing in Criminal Minds‘ “Elliott’s Pond,” they found out that these weren’t the first children to go missing in the area. And in order to find the three boys, they had to figure out what happened to a set of twins 33 years ago.

Here’s how the two missing children investigations were connected in “Elliott’s Pond.”

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The Three Kids in the Present Were Looking to Solve the Mystery of the Missing Henson Twins from 1983

CM 1206 1983.jpgBack in 1983, the Henson twins cut through a cornfield to race their older brother home, and that was the last anyone saw of them. According to the legends, aliens abducted them, an escaped inmate from an asylum that burned down in the area chained them up for days to fatten them up, or their brother or a local guy, Jimmy Ridley, was responsible.

These three boys, Josh, P.K. and Bones, had lied to their parents as to their whereabouts for the night, left their phones at home and ventured into the cornfield.

The Team Wondered If the Same UnSub Was Responsible for Both Disappearances

The twins’ disappearance was the last time that the town dealt with a missing children investigation, the local chief, Coop, told them. However, all his suspects from 1983 were dead. If they were looking at the same offender, he’d have to have help or have been young enough 33 years ago to still be able to be strong enough to kidnap three young boys.

Both Sets of Kids Were Seen at the Cornfield Before They Went Missing

When Coop took Reid and Prentiss there, Deeley, the twins’ older brother, came by on his bike, wondering why the chief didn’t call in the FBI sooner. Too cocky then, too lazy now, he suggested. But he refused to talk when the agents suggested that he might be able to help with their current investigation.

A camera from across the cornfield caught the three boys entering the field, as well as the pickup truck belonging to Jimmy Ridley going by a few minutes later.

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They Found Photos of the Henson Twins in Ridley’s House, Along with Bones’ Helmet

CM 1206 photo.jpgCould he have been involved in the Hensons’ abduction? He was 15 then.

As for the photos of the kids in his home, Jimmy said his father used to take pictures of everyone who trespassed on their property.  

He also said he just scared the three boys off with a firecracker and Bones’ helmet fell off, because no one paid attention to the no trespassing signs. And since he wasn’t sophisticated enough to pull off the abduction, they knew he wasn’t the UnSub.

A Conversation with Deeley Henson Led to Elliott’s Pond

Reid and Luke gave talking to him another try, and this time, he revealed that he had found his siblings at Elliott’s Pond before they headed home. When the agents checked out the area, they found one of the boys’ backpacks caught in a hunting trap.

The Hunting Traps Led to the Identity of the Man Who Kidnapped the Henson Twins … and a Realization about the Present UnSub(s)

CM 1206 Hensons.jpgOld Man Clemens used to set up hunting traps in the area. He was a survivalist type, who spent time in the mental institution before it burned down, and claimed he needed protection from aliens. He was a real conspiracy theorist, and he abducted a minor when he was 18 because he was lonely. He was released a year before the Henson twins were abducted. He’d be too old to capture the boys and set hunting traps — they found fresh ones in the area — but he could have convinced the twins of his delusions. The Henson twins were the UnSubs.

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