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“A Good Husband” told the story of a relationship gone bad. Very bad. While the premise of the plot was good, this episode of Criminal Minds fell a little flat for me. We’ve seen several episodes involving spouses becoming serial killers on this show. This episode and storyline seemed a little overplayed. However, I did love that the whole team was together, and the continuation of the subplot involving Spencer Reid and his struggle with his mother’s illness.

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“A Good Husband” gave me high hopes for the next episode of Criminal Minds. While the team was investigating a series of murders in Palm Springs, Spencer’s subplot was still going strong. At the beginning of the episode, Emily asked him if everything was going okay with his mother. He looked a little hesitant. Was that because he is still struggling with her mood swings and memory loss? Or is it because he feels guilty about giving her medicine without the knowledge of her nurse or doctor? 

Spencer’s current life issue came up again at the end of the episode. After the killer was caught, Spencer spent some time wondering if anybody ever really knows the people around them. The statement felt like self-reflection. Could he be referring to the fact that he is hiding something big from all of his friends and colleagues? 

Emily and Spencer shared a moment when she told him that she was proud of him for going to Houston and asking for help with his mother. She said that asking for help could be incredibly difficult. All of the dialogue related to Spencer seemed to be foreshadowing. I am hoping that the next episode is incredible and makes up for the bland storyline of “A Good Husband.” For a while now, I have thought that Spencer’s obsession with his mother’s illness would lead to trouble. If Spencer Reid gets himself involved in something serious, that could help build the new team dynamic as well as launch a captivating storyline. 

Are you looking forward to the next episode? Are you anxious to see what is going to happen to Spencer? Do you think he is going too far with his mother’s care? Let us know what you thought about “A Good Husband” in the comments below. 

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