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Matthew Gray Gubler

(Photo : Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez) Matthew Gray Gubler is on the cover of Rogue Magazine’s second issue. He also just celebrated his 36th birthday on March 9.

“Criminal Minds” star Matthew Gray Gubler is a man of many talents. A superb actor, skilled director, excellent comedian and gifted artist, the CBS actor celebrated his 36th birthday on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

Although no “Criminal Minds” episode aired this week (it airs on Wednesdays), the actor’s myriad achievements were celebrated by Rogue Magazine who featured him on the publication’s second issue. The cover accompanies a 10-page spread dedicated to the brilliant actor.

Gubler shared a picture of the photo shoot in a tweet. Check it out below:

He also thanked fans for all their birthday wishes in another tweet.

Gubler is a favorite cast member for fans who avidly watch “Criminal Minds.” Now in its 11th season, the actor plays Dr. Spencer Reid, a triple Ph.D. holder and all-round genius. Reid’s smarts almost always help the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) uncover crucial information that saves lives.

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Recently, in a season 11 episode named “Derek” that aired last week, Reid shot the man who was going to kill his colleague Derek Morgan.

In the second issue’s preview of Rogue Magazine, the CBS actor talks about his passions, his latest projects (including starring in a movie named “Band Of Robbers” and directing two music videos for the band “The Killers”) and reasons why comedy is so important to him.

The versatile actor also talks about being an outsider and being bullied as a kid.

You can purchase a digital or print copy of the magazine HERE.

Although Gubler plays a very serious profiler on “Criminal Minds,” he’s actually an extremely funny person off set.

Watch this fake documentary Spencer Reid’s portrayer made about himself below:

[embedded content]

He tweeted on March 4 that a lot of people didn’t get the jokes the documentary tried to make, including his mom:

Watch Gubler play Reid on “Criminal Minds” every Wednesday night on CBS.

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