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(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds) Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is one of the best FBI Agents the BAU has ever seen on CBS’ “Criminal Minds.” Here are seven reasons why we adore her.

Criminal Minds” has seen many agents come and go — Kate Callahan, Jordan Todd, Alex Black, to name a few — but no one has been loved by fans as much as Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster). Fans (and we!) have been clamoring for the agent’s return ever since she departed the CBS series in season 7.

While Paget Brewster isn’t returning to the series anytime soon (she is busy with other projects), she is going to guest-star as Prentiss in season 11, episode 19 titled “Tribute.”

Prentiss, now an Interpol Agent, was an extremely competent, hard-working FBI Agent. Here are seven reasons why we love the CBS character:

1. She’s got sharp profiling skills

(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds)

Prentiss was (arguably) one of the most reliable and capable agents in the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). When she joined the team, she felt like an outsider. But in time, the brunette beauty proved her dedication to work and earned the respect of her colleagues.

2. Prentiss helped Hotch deal with agent Jordan Todd


(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds)

Prentiss had often provided valuable advice to several BAU members, but the co-worker she helped the most was Hotch. When Hotch was confused about how to deal with agent Todd, Emily gave him some much needed guidance on how to manage the new team member.

In fact, Hotch and Prentiss got so close at one point that many “Criminal Minds” fans were rooting for the duo to have an affair. Of course, it didn’t happen.

3. She is friendly with all the members of the BAU


(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds)

The CBS character was not only close to Hotch but also with other team members. She was best friends with Jennifer Jareau (J.J.) and even assisted the team in finding her when she was abducted.

When Prentiss faked her death in season 6 in order to protect the team and hide from serial killer Doyle, J.J. and Hotch were the only ones who knew she was actually alive. J.J. even played online scrabble with her in order to keep her occupied while she was hiding from him in Paris.

Furthermore, Derek Morgan and Garcia admired her.

4. Emily Prentiss faked her death for the team’s safety


(Photo : Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Paget Brewster’s “Criminal Minds” persona didn’t shy away from sacrificing her safety in order to keep her BAU family members alive.

5. She beat Reid at poker!


(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds)

Beating the triple PhD holder in anything is impossible, but Prentiss shocked all fans (and Reid) when she beat him at this card game. Also, Reid is from Las Vegas and has never lost a game.

6. Paget Brewster’s character always keeps her cool — even during hostile negotiations


(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds)

Negotiating with cold-blooded killers is no easy feat, and sometimes even the best agents can break a sweat but not Emily Prentiss. She is level-headed, calm and rarely lets her emotions get in the way of discussions with the most heartless murderers.

7. She is empathetic

While Emily is calm, she is also empathetic. The agent often expresses genuine concern and compassion toward victims of heinous crimes.

(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds)

In an upcoming “Criminal Minds” episode, Prentiss will be seen enlisting the help of the BAU when an elusive international serial killer lands on American soil and is ready to claim his next victim, according to CBS. This episode is scheduled to air on March 30, 2016 (according to IMDb).

The CBS show airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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