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(Photo : CBS/Criminal Minds) Why hasn’t “Criminal Minds” been renewed for season 12 by CBS yet? Below are the reasons.

“Criminal Minds” is a show that almost always performs well and boasts a large, loyal fan-base. Its ratings have also been up. In fact, the crime series scored its highest ratings in 16 months in the season 11 episode that marked Shemar Moore’s departure from this TV show. So, why was “Criminal Minds” excluded from CBS’ early renewals for veteran shows? More to the point: With the season 11 finale airing on May 4, why hasn’t the show been renewed yet?

The answer has more to do with politics and finances than anything else. Although the long-running crime procedural does well and is one of CBS’ popular shows, it isn’t owned and produced by the network. CBS TV Studios and ABC Studios co-produce the show.

“Criminal Minds” is an expensive series. While CBS covers all the production cost, ABC reaps all the profits, including international and on-demand sales, Deadline reports. The show has a strong presence internationally, so, naturally, CBS wants a bigger piece of the profits. Currently, the two studios are hammering out a new license deal for season 12.

Co-executive producer of the show, Harry Bring, also confirmed that negotiations are underway in a tweet on March 25.

This isn’t the first time the crime show has been having trouble getting renewed. TVGuide reports that, in the last four years, this is the third time that the show has had issues. In 2015, “Criminal Minds” was renewed on May 11. In fact, many a times the series gets renewed last-minute.

Another factor that may be delaying its season 12 pickup is its spin-off show “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” It is likely that the network wants to wait and see how the spin-off does before renewing it and its parent series.

Meanwhile, Bring (and many fans) are hopeful the renewal news comes soon. He said that hopefully we’ll know in a couple of weeks. However, if “Criminal Minds” isn’t renewed by May 10, then we have reason to worry.

“Criminal Minds” airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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