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‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ Spoilers: Gary Sinise Doesn’t Want Cliche For Jack Garrett

The actor in the hit crime-fighting series and “Criminal Minds” spin-off, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, Gary Sinise wants his character to be different from the usual fictional law enforcers.

As reported by Christian Post, when Sinise was approached by the “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” producers Mark Gordon and Erica Messer, he was eager to break away from the cliché of a law enforcer fighting against his own alter ego.

Sinise plays special agent Jack Garrett who is leading his team called the International Response Team (IRT) under the FBI. Part of the team are the characters are Clara Seger (played by Alana de la Garza), Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney), Monty Montgomery (Tyler James Williams), and Mae Jarvis (Annie Funke). The former “ER” star Sherry Stringfield will also be in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” as Karen Garrett, Jack’s wife.

The main reason why Sinise was convinced to play Jack Garrett’s character is that aside from being a law enforcer, he is a great husband and father.

“There are people who deal with [darkness] every single day, all around the world, and what I like about this is we not only explore someone who has been a veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but he’s also a successful dad and a family person, with a successful marriage to his high-school sweetheart,” Sinise said in one of his interviews.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Sinise’s idea of his character staying with his family could bring a fresher perspective to the show as it offers a lighter side of the action-packed life of crime-fighting.

Sinise believes that “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” has a great chance of being on-air for a longer time as its theme is focused in international thriller versus its parent series which has a pseudo-horror crime plot.

“In that sense, Beyond Borders stands a much stronger chance of long-term survival, particularly in a congested TV space where franchising from shows such as “NCIS” and “Chicago Fire” has overpopulated the schedule with same-same-but-different scripted hours,” Sinise added.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” airs this Wednesday with a new episode only on CBS.


Photo Source: CBS Official/Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

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