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(CBS)Clara Seger (Alana de la Garza) surveys the scene in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.”

CBS’ spinoff police procedural crime drama series “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” will air its two-episode season 1 finale on Wednesday, May 25 and viewers are in for a gripping and suspenseful criminal hunting.

The first episode titled “El Toro Bravo” will witness the team’s investigation of a case of a missing American tourist whose severed ears were previously found. The International Response Team (IRT) will head to Pamplona, Navarra in Spain. The special agents led by Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise) will find themselves chasing a criminal and attempting to save a victim amid the city’s festival of San Fermin.

Season 1 ends with another episode titled “Paper Orphans.” Garrett’s team will fly to the island nation Haiti to try and rescue a kidnap victim, an American couple’s daughter. She goes to Haiti with the intention of adopting a child and ends up being taken by an unidentified abductor. And while on this rescue operation miles away from home, Garrett has family issues in mind involving his daughter’s preparation for college.

It can be remembered that the first attempt at producing a “Criminal Minds” spinoff was through “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” in 2011 which was cancelled after only 13 episodes because of low performance in ratings. Viewers of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” seem a little less tough on the new show. And despite certain occasional criticisms, the new “Criminal Minds” spinoff has been doing well in terms of ratings that it has been renewed for a third season as the show tries to “move beyond cliché” in spinoff, according to one of its stars, Gary Sinise. 

“Our villains are dark enough, we want to see our law enforcement people as people that can wrestle with those demons on the other side, but they don’t necessarily have those themselves,” Sinise said, as he expressed his keenness to move past the typical portrayal of a make-believe law enforcer who wrestles with his own darker side.

While fans are awaiting the season 1 finale of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” there is no word yet about the schedule of its season 2 airing.

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