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(Facebook/CriminalMindsBeyondBorders)“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” will head off to Belize to look for missing honeymooners.

Belize is known for its magnificent beaches, scuba diving, and sports fishing. It’s also where the International Response Team is headed to next in the upcoming episode 6 titled “Love Interrupted” of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.”¬†

After cases in Japan and Paris, the team is headed to the small nation of Belize in its sixth episode. According to the synopsis, episode 6 will find the FBI’s International Response Team on the island of Belize to search for a honeymooning couple who disappeared. The network hasn’t released a trailer for the upcoming episode, but photo stills posted on CBS’¬†official website shows the IRT on the beach of Belize, coordinating with the local police and talking to witnesses.

The “Criminal Minds” spin-off show has so far managed to show interesting snippets about the culture of the countries their cases have taken them and how their traditions and beliefs can either hinder or help an investigation. The 2-hour special of “Beyond Borders” is a good example of this.

The first hour of the special featured episode 4, “Whispering Death,” and had the team headed to the Land of the Rising Sun after three Americans were reported to have committed suicide in the span of a few days. The case turned out to be a good springboard to provide insight on how the Japanese view suicide. It also introduced viewers to Aokigahara and to the disturbing phenomenon known as hikikomori. The former is the notorious suicide woods, while the latter is a term used to describe people who have withdrawn from society. Like the episode’s UnSub, these are people who have not ventured out of their rooms in years.

The team then moved on to Paris for episode 5, “The Lonely Heart,” where the difference in how the media is utilized caused problems for the IRT team.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” garnered solid ratings during its premiere, but its numbers have since gone down. The show will hopefully attract more viewers as it begins to find its footing. The news that “ER’s” Sherry Stringfield has been tapped to play Karen, Jack Garrett’s (Gary Sinise) wife, might also drum up interest. TV Line¬†described Stringfield’s character as a supportive wife and mother to the couple’s five children. She’s set to be introduced in May.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” season 1 episode 6 will be aired on Apr. 13 on CBS.

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