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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Recap "The Lonely Heart": Season 1 Episode 5

Tonight on CBS Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders continues with an all new Wednesday April 6, season 1 episode 5 called “The Lonely Heart,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, an UnSub targets Americans who live in Paris.

On the last episode, the team traveled to Japan to assist local law enforcement in investigating homicides made to look like suicides. Meanwhile, Mae encouraged Clara to get out and enjoy herself. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the International Response Team heads to Paris to search for an UnSub targeting Americans who live there.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders at 10:00 PM EST!

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The FBI’s International Response Team were sent to France on tonight’s Part Two of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Border”. Apparently they were sent in to investigate Samantha Wade’s death. Samantha, who had been an elementary teach back home, had gone to France for an extended vacation with a couple of her friends. Namely Sheila and Renee. Yet, the three women had split around midnight because Samantha had wanted to walk home while her friends felt more comfortable taking the metro.

So sadly it had been the friends that had found Samantha hours later in the apartment they were renting. And the crime scene itself had been more than gruesome. Samantha’s body had been staged to lying by her sofa and the UnSub had shoved, but left two knives sticking out of Samantha’s eyes. As if he had wanted to refer to the French saying of “Putting a Finger in Your Eye” which like the American “Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth”. Both meaning that someone had made a costing mistake.

But the IRT didn’t know which mistake the UnSub was referring to. Samantha hadn’t made any enemies and all of her friends as well as her known associates in France had an alibi for her death. So while the UnSub couldn’t have been known to Samantha, it didn’t explain how the UnSub had gotten into her apartment. There hadn’t been any sign of a struggle so either the UnSub let themselves in or Samantha had accidentally invited her killer in. And that was the mistake.

And yet the team were further left stumped when a second victim was reported. Another American woman had been found in her apartment and she too had been staged. However, Bianca Lewis was lacking a head.

Bianca had moved to Paris over a year ago and she had been on a work visa. So she hadn’t been a tourist and she hadn’t been new to the area. Yet, the UnSub targeted her and had even changed his MO. And therefore the team didn’t even know what his angle was or why he was intent on targeting young American women.

Only Clara later found something. She had been looking Samantha’s possessions and she saw that Samantha had broken her heel on the infamous cobble roads of Paris, but that she hadn’t had any marks on her feet. So Samantha hadn’t walked home. She had actually hailed a cab and, after they looked at footage of the area, they eventually found her getting a gypsy cab.

A gypsy cab is pretty much unregistered. So they look like everyday cars however they do have something of a symbol in the font that lets tourist know that they could provide them a ride. Yet, just as the team realized they were looking for a man pretending to be a cabbie, a third body had showed up.

Katherine Barker had also gotten into a cab though it appears that Katherine realized something was off. There had been bruising on her knees and hands. So she must have tried to throw herself out of the vehicle. And because she had tried to escape, the UnSub chose to even more brutal with her than anyone else.

Katherine had been run over and the UnSub had carved her heart out before placing it in her hands as part of his latest staging. So that’s when the French detective in charge of the investigation had had enough. He had later gone to the press with the information they had and he had given the public a picture of the car. Which he hoped would serve as a warning.

Yet, instead of making women safe, the UnSub just began target any woman he could. So his next victim had been French and her body hadn’t been staged. Her husband had interrupted the UnSub so that meant he hadn’t had enough time with getting to know her as he did the others. Though Clara was able to form a link between all of the murders.

The first victim had been “blinded by love”, the second victim had “lost her head”, the third victim had “given her heart away”, and the fourth victim had a “stomach filled of butterflies”. So Clara realized that the UnSub was arranging all of his victims as sick valentines’. Probably as a gift to the American woman he was obsessed with.

So Monty had traced those butterflies back to a man named Paul Moussier. Paul had been committed to a mental facility on the outskirts of Paris, but he left recently. A woman he had met at the institute and who had been an American had actually left the facility a month ago because she was going to be moving back to the states. And so Paul had killed four people in less than four days in order to showcase his affections for her before she left.

Only when Abby hadn’t wanted to go with Paul, he had choked her until she lost consciousness.

And so the IRT had been erasing against the clock to get to Amy before she could reject Paul’s advances. If Paul realized that she hadn’t felt the same way then that could push him into making her his next victim. Yet, finding Paul and where he had taken Amy was hard.

Paul’s family had holding all over Paris. So the IRT basically had to play the elimination game until Paul’s uncle told them which property he had taken possession of and they found Paul turning on Amy. Amy had apparently told him that he was sick after he showed her treasure trove of kills and he had been about to kill her when Garrett took the killing shot.

He killed Paul and put an end to the sick Valentines!


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