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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Recap 5/11/16: Season 1 Episode 10 & 11 "Iqiniso/The Ballad of Nick and Nat"

Tonight on CBS Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders continues with an all new back to back Wednesday May 11, season 11 episodes 10 & 11 called “Iqiniso; The Ballad of Nick and Nat,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, The team investigates when an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother disappears.

On the last episode, an American girl ran away to meet her boyfriend in Turkey, but the team believed she was in trouble when they deduce she was tricked by someone posing as her boyfriend. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the team investigates when an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother disappears. The probe reveals a gang may be involved in both; also the team investigates when American victims are found in various locations throughout Cuba. The probe reveals spree killers may be targeting U.S. citizens.”

Tonight’s episodes look like they are going it going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders at 9:00 PM EST!

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Two brothers were attacked in Johannesburg, South Africa on tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”.

Apparently the two boys from Georgia had gone overseas for a minibreak and they had both been working at a bar operated by their aunt there to earn some extra cash. So it had been the boys’ aunt Mariam that had noticed when they went missing when they didn’t come back from closing the bar and unfortunately it fell to her to identify the younger one after the authorities later found the body of Timothy Smit. Timothy had been brutally murdered in what looked like a ritual killing and he hadn’t been the first body that had those marks in recent weeks.

Someone had repeatedly stabbed then mutilated a young woman by the name of Lara Bosch some time ago after she had gone missing from her home in Victoria which was only forty minutes away from Johannesburg. So the two cases were connected though no one knew how or why. Or why the UnSub went to such great lengths to mutilate the bodies if he was going to hold onto to the other brother. Brandon Smit hadn’t been found nearby or even the next city over so his family was hoping that he was still alive.

However, everyone suspected that Brandon wouldn’t have that much time. Both boys had been taken on the same night so that meant that the UnSub had Brandon for well over forty-eight-hours by time the IRT landed in South Africa. So the response team had tried to work a starting profile while they were in-flight yet their profile meant nothing if they had to work with another profiler. And the South African Special Forces Brigade had actually brought in their own famous profiler.

Lieutenant Anada Doshi was good at what she did and she had caught a known serial killer not that long back. But Doshi had history with Garrett. The two had worked together and that experience had made Garrett apprehensive about working with her again. So Garrett could have easily have told Brigade that he had a problem with her however he chose to suck it up because he knew that he was going to need all the help he could get to find Brandon.

Though Brandon was oddly not the next body they found. Doshi and Garrett had gone with the Brigade to check out gang territory and they had been attacked by gangs yet the Brigade had managed to keep them under control. And that had allowed both profilers to continue searching the area until they eventually found the body of another victim. That Doshi “read”.

Doshi reportedly speaks to the dead so she spoke to the body they found before he could “leave” and he told her that he was related to Lara Bosch. So that was the angle that Doshi wanted to pursue while Garrett had his people look into the gang that had tried to target them because he felt they were either behind the killings or protect the UnSub. And it turns it was the last one.

The man behind bars that just so happened to be running the gang had claimed that the UnSub was getting justice. Justice against the whites that had enslaved his people for far too long. So when it did later come back that the third victim was related to Lara Bosch, the IRT began looking into why someone was targeting the children of a set of people. And that’s when Doshi remembered Pretorius.

Pretorius was a radical group created after the white Constable Sara Miller was found murdered. Apparently the government had used her death to justify the creation of a secret police whose sole mission was to find and murder those that were attached to the antiapartheid movement. So Pretorius was directly responsible for the death of fourteen people that the world knew of. Though its agents were all forgiven for their crime when apartheid collapsed.

So Brandon and Timothy Smit’s father Armand was Pretorius and so was Lara and Kurt’s father Rowan Bosch. Lara had never even known about her brother yet the UnSub went to great lengths to wipe out all of Rowan’s children. Which meant that he was probably a family member of one of Pretorius’s victims. However, Mae looked at the fourteen victims and it didn’t seem as if their family was involved.

And so someone decided to take another look at Sara’s case. It made no sense that Sara would be killed in the dying days of apartheid. Not unless someone wanted to stir everything up again and who better than the group that were called to get rid of the activist. So once the team looked as Sara’s possible family members, they found her brother Curtis Miller.

Curtis had never believed that his sister had been murdered by David Lubbe. So he looked into the case and eventually he got David to admit to him that he hadn’t killed Sara, he had just been made to take the fall. And so once he knew that his sister’s real killers were still out there, he began to target them.

He found Rowan’s children and killed them before lobotomizing Rowan. Then he found Armand’s son, but only one of them was biological related to Armand. So he just tortured Brandon so that Brandon could be the one to tell his story when everything was over. However, the IRT found Curtis before he could hurt Noah Coetzee and his pregnant daughter Lydia. Curtis had actually planned on killing Lydia in front of her father as a way to get the other man to admit to what he did to Sara. And while Curtis did get his confession, he eventually died during the struggle for the knife with Matt.

But his death didn’t matter. Now that the truth was out, both Noah and Armand who was being deported were going to have to face trial for the murder of Sara Miller. That being the only death that none of them had received a pardon from.

The International Response Team were sent to Cuba on tonight’s second hour of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”. A Cuban-American had been targeted on the Island and so for the first time in recent history the Americans were going to have to work with Cuba authorities as part of a joint task force. And everyone had been warned beforehand that they were to treat their new “friends” with the upmost care.

The United States and Cuba were still getting a feel of each other so to speak and, although several embargos have been lifted, there were still some tensions left over. Cuba has operated on its own without having to check their work with anyone or answer anyone for a very long time. So the Havana Police Department didn’t take it too well that they now had to cooperate with the Americans and therefore they tried to close the case without them.

Garrett and his people arrived in Havana only to have the captain tell them that his people solved the case already. However, Garrett wanted to verify that so he asked to speak with the suspect and he ended up building up a rapport with Javier. So that he knew when Javier was telling the truth and when he was lying. And Garrett realized that Javier was telling the truth when he said he hadn’t killed Rodrigo Hernandez.

Javier said he had found a car by the side of the road and that he just jumped in because he saw the keys in the ignition. So being a teenage boy, it probably didn’t even hit him that there was blood in the back of the car until he was arrested and possibly coerced into giving a false confession. Yet, the local police didn’t want to let Javier off the hook because they didn’t trust Garrett’s “profiling”. And that meant Javier was still in custody when the UnSub struck again.

Matt had gotten a police escort into town and he had found another abandoned car that had been freshly covered with blood. So the UnSub or UnSubs had managed to strike again while the local police weren’t looking. And again they behind a signature. Rodrigo had been found with a crushed worm while the store owner that had the American flag stuck in his mother had been kissed by bloody lips.

And those messages didn’t become clear until the IRT had found out about a third victim. Who was technically the first victim, but the Cuban authorities hadn’t thought his case was connected to the others. So no one had questioned another American that died thirty-six hours ago because the victim’s wife hadn’t reported him missing yet.

But Victor’s death was important. Not only did it show that the UnSubs that were believed to be Americans because of the southern slang they had left behind at one of their crime scenes, but that they were trying to follow Che’s revolutionarily path through Cuba. Victor had been killed where Che first began his mission to liberate Cuba and he had been found with an apple forced into his mouth. Which like the other messages, again, related to Che. A bloodthirsty communist to some and a revolutionary hero to others.

And so the Cuban Government decided to send in their army to deal with the UnSubs while the Americans were sidelined. Apparently the government felt Garrett and his team’s loyalties would be with the Americans. So they told the IRT to go back to their plane however they soon went back on what they said when they realized that they needed the profilers’ help. The UnSubs had taken pictures of all their crimes scenes and they were trying to get media outlet to publish them as a way to rile the people into fighting American aggression.

Only the government was stopping the photos from being published and more bodies were popping up because of that. So the IRT were brought back in because they were the only one that could figure out why. The Cubans had wanted to write off the UnSubs as attention-seeking Americans however the IRT’s profile stated something different.

Monty had figured out that they team were looking for Natalie and her boyfriend Nick. Two deeply disturbed people and Monty’s information on their background showed that they hadn’t actually gotten a fair chance at life. The two had basically raised themselves what with addicts for parents and the closest thing that they had gotten to a healthy relationship had been the one they had with each other and the surrogate figure that Natalie had come to care for. Natalie had befriended an expat from Cuba whose parents had been killed by Batista. And who viewed Che as the man that had liberated her people.

So that’s where the fascination with both Cuba and Che came from. Though Natalie and Nick had gone one step further by moving there because they wanted to get away from their pasts. Including the sexual abuse that Natalie had suffered through when everyone refused to believe her stepfather had been molesting her. However, the two were barely on the island when Natalie was raped by an American tourist one night and so that set her on a downward spiral. That Nick had just gone along with because he had loved and relied on Natalie so much.

Natalie was the one that tried to get people to hear Che’s message again and she was the one that hated Americans more than anything else. Yet, Natalie was slowly losing her grip on reality because she felt like no one was listening as she told them about the Americans. So Natalie and Nick went to the hotel were the foreign press was and the two shot up the place until they had everyone’s attention.

And as the authorities began to move on them, they decided that there was no better way to end their message than to become martyrs for the cause. But that’s not what the history books will say because despite their best efforts, Natalie and Nick had brought the US and Cuba together to fight a common an enemy. So the IRT walked away from this one having won some friends at the local police department.


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