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Some cases just end tragically, no matter what the BAU does. Such is the case with Criminal Minds season 11 episode 14, “Hostage.” Gina escapes from the UnSub 10 years after he took her, and while she brings the police back to his house, where another girl, Sheila, is sick, the UnSub, Thompson, gets away with a third girl, Violet. Sheila dies in the hospital due to her injuries, and her mother is the one who makes the final move of the hour, shooting Thompson as Hotch and Rossi are taking him out of the hospital.

Here are the reasons why Thompson probably had that coming in “Hostage.”

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The UnSub Keeps the Girls Locked in a Basement

CM 1114 1.pngGina has to saw through the padlock on the bars of the window in order to escape.

Thompson Tells Violet to Leave Sheila

Upon realizing Gina escaped, he’s perfectly fine with leaving Sheila behind, even though she’s sick.

The UnSub Has Been Holding These Girls Captive for Years

When Violet Asks About a Bathroom Break, the UnSub Threatens to “Get Rid” of Her

And then when he does stop, he offers “daddy’s just got a lot on his mind” as if that’s a valid reason for yelling at her — and she accepts it.

Gina and Sheila Both Show Signs They Were Whipped

This is the UnSub’s Basement

CM 1114 2.png
CM 1114 3.pngThompson Lured Gina in with a Puppy

He approached her in the park when she was eight, brought her to his car to give the puppy treats and pushed her into the back of the van, hitting her and threatening to hit her again if she didn’t listen.

There’s Bondage and Torture Porn in His Kitchen

And another “tool box,” making three in the house.

According to Gina, the Other Girls Were “More Special” and “Good” Because They Didn’t Fight

Gina did, which is why he never took her to the “disappearing place.” However, after he abducted Sheila, she had to take care of her, so she didn’t fight as much.

Sheila Dies in the Hospital

CM 1114 4.pngAfter complications due to a miscarriage, the doctors had to perform an emergency hysterectomy.

When the FBI and Police Find Them, Thompson Reminds Violet That “Daddy’s the Only One That Loves” Her

That’s not all. When JJ and Reid try to talk to her, Thompson has already told Violet what they’d say to her to try to turn her against him.

Thompson Tells Hotch That “Children Need Discipline”

What he does to these girls isn’t “discipline.” He raped and tortured them.

Thompson Got Violet Pregnant Twice — and She Doesn’t Understand That Like She Should

In Violet’s mind, she got “super-sick,” her belly got really big and then her “sisters” just came out and it really hurt. Her daughters, Lily and Jasmine, are in the “disappearing place.”

Thompson Had Gotten So Deep in Violet’s Head That She Only Wanted Him When JJ Brought Her Parents to Her

CM 1114 5.png
Thompson Refuses to Tell Hotch Where the Girls are without a Deal

He wants minimum security, no life sentence, and to see Violet. And when Hotch doesn’t want to give in, he has no problem holding the fact that Lily and Jasmine only had enough water for a few days and it’s been a week over him.

Thompson’s Manipulative Ways Continue, Even in Front of the BAU

When they bring him in to see Violet, as per the deal, he tells her that they don’t think they should be together and that they’re breaking apart their family like he said they would and repeats that he’s her “real daddy.”

When Violet Realizes the Truth and Attacks Him, Thompson Calls the Deal Off

These are his daughters they’re talking about, and he just doesn’t care.

Criminal Minds season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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