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Morgan is in a lot of trouble in Criminal Minds season 11 episode 16, “Derek.” After he’s taken on his way home, he has to fight to survive — physically and mentally — while the rest of the team tries to figure out who has him and where. But to his surprise, there’s someone along to help him through it: his father.

Here are the most heartbreaking and heartwarming moments from “Derek.”

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His Captors Transport Morgan in a Box

CM 1116 1.pngFrom the moment they open it, it’s clear this is going to hurt.

Morgan Dissociates Himself from the Pain He Knows They’re Going to Inflict

“I get it. You, this, this is all in my head, right? So I can survive what they’re doing to me,” he realizes soon enough.

In Morgan’s Head, He Has a Family with Savannah

Sure, he’s late to dinner, but he wins her over pretty quickly in the first scenario.

That Changes the Second Time Around, During Which Savannah, Hotch, JJ and Rossi Gang up on Him

“I’m trying,” he insists as they demand to know where he is and that he needs to keep his word and be home for dinner.

The Man with Him in His Safe Place Is His Father

CM 1116 2.pngMaybe he’s there to make it less scary, to help him hang on or to help him understand how he got there, Hank suggests.

As Someone Who Lives With a Profiler, Savannah Knows Things She Shouldn’t

Like, if they wanted Morgan dead, he’d be dead already.

Hank Takes Morgan Back to the Beginning — to the Day He was Killed

It was November 7, 1985, and Morgan had to leave school sick. When he pointed out a woman in trouble and Hank stopped to help, he was shot.

“Nothing was okay after that.”

Yes, Morgan blamed his father, but that’s because Hank had agreed that, like knights, as someone with a badge, he was protected by God. Morgan thought that if he helped the woman, he’d be protected. After losing his father, Morgan had to figure things out for himself, like God doesn’t stop bullets or bad men He has to do that himself.

Solomon Puts White Phosphorus on Morgan’s Chest and Lights It

CM 1116 3.png“Will you stay with me through this?” Morgan asks his father. Hank promises he will.

Morgan Created His Safe Place When He was 15

It was a place Carl Buford couldn’t get to.

Morgan Asks His Father If He’s Ashamed of Him

He thinks he should’ve fought Carl more. No, he’s not ashamed, Hank assures him. He’s proud. Morgan turned his pain into his greatest asset, became the man of the house. It’s why he’s good at what he does.

Morgan Cuts into Solomon’s Stomach in Order to Put the Phone Back Together

After Solomon swallows the SIM card, it’s his only option, but even after he does that, he’s faced with the Enter Password screen.

Morgan Imagines the Team Getting There Too Late

CM 1116 4.pngHe dies, and they can only mourn him as he tries to talk to them.

Morgan Realizes Savannah’s Pregnant

That’s what she wanted to talk to him about.

John Stabs Morgan Through the Hand

He may have gotten to the house first, having been nearby to handle cleanup, but the BAU gets there in time to put John down and get Morgan the medical assistance he needs.

As Morgan Flatlines, He Gets One Last Chance to See His Father

“Dying is easy,” Hank tells him. “You know what’s hard? Not being there for your son.” When Morgan admits that he fears he’s not strong enough, Hank assures him he is. He always has been. And he sends him on his way to go be a father.

Morgan Proposes

CM 1116 5.pngUpon waking up in the hospital, Morgan tells Savannah he knows she’s pregnant and asks her to marry him. She says yes.

Criminal Minds season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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