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‘Criminal Mind’ Season 12 Spoilers: Adam Rodriguez Catches Mr. Scratch? New Script, Different Vision & Direction?

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 will see Adam Rodriguez replacing Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and joining as one of the BAU agents. Fans are speculating that to make the entry of Rodriquez more happening on the show, he will be the one catching Mr. Scratch. Since the new script is rumored to be ready and indicates different vision as well as the direction, the above speculation can prove to be correct.

The crime drama TV series scripting is finished. It is expected to speed up the filming and release process of “Criminal Minds” Season 12 premiere episode, reports Australia Network News. According to the source, the writers have already finished writing the first rough draft of the twelfth season, and now the overall vision and direction of the series are clear.

Series To Air Before Schedule?

Since the script is now almost entirely ready, many are speculating that the “Criminal Minds” Season 12 might premiere much before its scheduled date in fall this year. While discussing some insights of the series, Erica Messer stated that it is going to be exciting catching all the absconding wrong people once again, reports Hofmag.

The executive producer also revealed that Peter Lewis aka Mr. Scratch might be the focus of the season 12. Bodhi Elfman, who is playing the role of Scratch, previously appeared on the show as a hacker, serial killer and stalker in Season 10. In Season 11 he was shown escaping the prison along with 12 other notorious criminals.

Adam Rodriguez will make his first appearance on “Criminal Minds” Season 12 and will feature as a special agent of the Fugitive Task Force Agent of FBI. Since it is his first entry on the show, the creators might want to make it more happening and memorable and put him in the lead of the force pursuing Scratch and the criminals.

Will the 41-year-old veteran actor catch Scratch and the escaped prisoners in “Criminal Minds” Season 12?


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