Chris Christie's fall from grace: How a presidential frontrunner became the country's least popular governor

Chris Christie

The outrage caused by weekend photographs of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lounging on a public beach amid a statewide shutdown carried a familiar tone.

With scandals that range from shutting down a major bridge to get back at a democratic mayor to saying that teachers unions need a “slap in the face,” Christie’s career has been rocked by repeated controversies — and, as of June 2017, approval ratings of no more than 15%.

Once trying his luck as a presidential candidate, here is how Christie became one of the least popular governors in the country today.

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Since assuming office as 55th governor of New Jersey in 2010, Chris Christie has become known for his combative politics and repeated scandals during his tenure.


After finishing a law degree at Seton Hall University in 1987, Christie spent several years working as a lawyer before becoming involved in politics. Over the next two decades, he would lobby for large energy companies and help fundraise for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign.


In 2001, Bush named Christie US Attorney for the District of New Jersey despite his limited experience in politics.

Source: White House Archives

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