California Criminal Lawyer Tully Hits Best Seller w/ 1st Book: 'California – State of Collusion' – PR Newswire (press release)

Joseph Tully, labeled by one reviewer as a Ferocious Warrior, a Gunslinger among Paper Pushers, exposes California’s corrupt criminal justice system with examples of:

  • Psychopathic police officers – unpunished for horrific abuses
  • Prosecutors trampling Constitutional rights to fuel career advancement
  • Judges ignoring police and prosecutorial misconduct – to get re-elected
  • An institutionalized culture of power, conspiracy and law enforcement cover-ups

"Innocent people can be subjected to a ‘power trip’ police encounter, arrested by a megalomaniacal cop, jailed by a sadist, prosecuted by a manipulative Machiavellian, and judged by an ego-tripping sociopath." – from California: State of Collusion

Among the book’s topics:

  • California prisons’ systemic racism, medical abuse, and cruelty
  • Flawed (cash sponsored) media portrayal of law enforcement as incorruptible
  • Faux science and known deceitful witnesses presented as incontrovertible evidence
  • California prosecutors’ massive Snitch-for-Hire network
  • Weaponized firearm and drug prohibitions

"Joseph Tully offers a close-up and eye-opening account of the most political, systemic corruption of this decade. Illuminating, incendiary, and brilliantly argued." – Jail Death and Injury Law Reporter

Attorney Joseph Tully delivers frightening examples of police, prosecutors, judges and politicians acting badly from Redding to the San Francisco Bay Area to Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

Media Booking: Contact Mr. Tully’s representatives at Elite Lawyer Management

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Joseph Tully: One of California’s most successful and controversial criminal defense and civil rights lawyers, Contra Costa based legal author Joseph Tully helps people defend their liberty and reputation in a deeply flawed and unjust legal system. With an unparalleled record for earning Not Guilty verdicts in major felony cases, Tully’s work has been featured on 60 Minutes, in Rolling Stone Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and in outlets across the U.S.

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