Brendan Dassey from 'Making a Murderer' denied being sexually abused by Steven Avery

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More information surrounding allegations that “Making a Murderer” subject Brendan Dassey had been sexually molested by his uncle, Steven Avery, has resurfaced.

Last week, Dan O’Donnell, one of the reporters who covered the trial documented in the popular Netflix docuseries, said that the prosecutors, defense team, and the Netflix filmmakers ignored Dassey’s sexual-abuse claims.

According to May 2006 court records, Dassey, 16 at the time, told police during one of his highly contested interviews that his uncle sometimes tried to grab his genitals “through the pants.” Later that day, Dassey told his mother, Barb Tadych, that Avery “would grab me somewhere where I was uncomfortable.”

But according to The Wrap, in a November 2006 psychological evaluation, meant to ascertain the risk that Dassey could make a false confession or succumb to police influence, Dassey denied being sexually abused.

According to the document, “Brendan reported having no history of being physically or sexually abused.”

brendan dassey interrogation making a murderer netflixFor the record, the “Making a Murderer” filmmakers and Netflix declined to comment on the sexual allegation, Avery denied the charges through his current attorney, former Calumet County prosecutor Ken Kratz said it wasn’t a factor in the trial, and Dassey’s former attorney denied knowledge of the sexual-abuse allegation against Avery.

This isn’t the first time statements made by Dassey to police during the investigation into the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach have come under scrutiny. Dassey confessed to helping his uncle kill Halbach, which the defense later argued was made falsely and under influence from police.

Both Avery and Dassey are appealing their life sentences after being convicted of the murder of Halbach in 2007.

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