6 UnSubs 'Criminal Minds' Should Revisit in the Final Season (PHOTOS) – TVInsider

Criminal Minds is saying goodbye with its upcoming 15th season, and what better way to celebrate the series as a whole than revisiting some UnSubs from the past 14 years?

In a couple cases, the UnSubs made it personal for the team, targeting one or more of them and even claiming the life of a loved one in an unforgettable sequence in the 100th episode.

In some cases, these are UnSubs who are still out there — serial killers the BAU wasn’t able to put away like they did so many others.

Click through the gallery above to see the UnSubs we’d like to see the series at least mention in a significant manner at some point in its final season.

Criminal Minds, 15th and Final Season, Coming Soon, CBS

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