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Spencer Reid’s mother, Diana Reid (actress Jane Lynch) returned to Criminal Minds earlier in season 12. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her but it definitely reminded fans of the amazing mother and son dynamic between the two. There doesn’t seem like there’s ever enough time for them to portray their true relationship, so it’s clear that an entire Criminal Minds episode should be dedicated to them for multiple reasons.

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There was a Huge Gap in Time

We first met Diana on the first season finale of the suspense television series. After that, we saw her during the fourth season when the BAU headed to her hometown of Las Vegas. Now, the show is in season 12. While there have been many references of Diana since the fourth season, it’s safe to say that way too much time has gone by since we saw her grace the show. An obvious remedy for this is to feature Reid and Diana in an episode of their own to make up for lost time.

We Want to Know More About Them

The things we do know about Reid and Diana’s relationship are already pretty deep. But I know I’m not alone when I say we want to know more. The two are really close as Reid helps his mother cope with her schizophrenia. We know his father left because he couldn’t handle her diagnosis as well as other major issues. We also know that this mother and son are a lot alike considering they are both extremely smart. But it seems like the show has only scratched the surface of the deep dynamics of their relationship.

He’s a Major Part of Her Life

Due to his father’s absence, Reid was a huge part of his mother’s life. Despite the two not seeing one another enough, Diana never hesitates to let Reid know how much she loves him. We saw the intimacies of their relationship in the fourth season episode called “The Fisher King.” Viewers might remember at the end, Reid read to Diana, who was afraid as they flew on a private jet, to console her. This is just one of their moments that pulled on the heartstrings and I hope we see more. In the more current episodes, Diana moves in with Spencer after an Alzheimer study didn’t work with her.

It Could Explain a Lot

Committing an entire episode to Reid and his mother could fill in the gaps of what we don’t know. While she has made more physical appearances this season than she has for the entire series, it only brings up more questions about the transitional and turning points in their relationship that led to their extremely close relationship today. We know about his father and a little about his childhood, but what were those moments that triggered their current relationship? I wouldn’t even be against seeing an entire episode of them that has flashbacks in it. That would definitely be a tear jerker.

We Love Them Together

Who doesn’t love Reid and Diana on the show? Whether you have a mother or a son who you’re close with, or an estranged parent, anyone can relate to the many dynamics that these two show together. And if not, it certainly allows us to sympathize with them. Plain and simple, I hope to see more of Reid and Diana together more often. I think having her in more episodes this season is a great first step. But dedicating a complete episode to them would be an amazing second one.

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What do you think about Reid and Diana’s relationship? Are you happy she’s back on the series more regularly?

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