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Q: Will “Criminal Minds” be back next season?

— Jeff Mitchell, Bryan, Ohio

A: It will. Though it hadn’t been on the initial list of shows CBS renewed for 2017-18, that had become a typical situation when it came to the Joe Mantegna-starring crime drama, for which negotiations are a little more complicated. For one thing, it’s co-produced by the studio arms of both ABC and CBS, so there’s a “dance” in terms of who foots which part of the bill … and how the profits are shared, since “Criminal Minds” also has considerable international sales.

Then, there’s the matter of cast salaries that increase as the years go on. In a number of cases with the current stars, recent additions (and, with the departure of Thomas Gibson, one deletion) made that a slightly lesser issue this time, since Adam Rodriguez and Damon Gupton had signed up just last year and Aisha Tyler was given full co-star status then.

In any event, the members of the BAU will continue to solve bizarre mysteries for at least another year, the show’s 13th.

Q: I enjoyed the recent birthday festival of Barbra Streisand films on Turner Classic Movies. Was “Funny Girl” her first film?

— Janet Marsh, via email

A: It was, though Columbia Pictures executives had wanted someone else for the film, since despite her stage success as central character Fanny Brice (and her growing fame from television specials she had done), she was untested on the movie screen. However, producer Ray Stark — who would work with Streisand a number of times — fought for her casting, to the extent that he wouldn’t let the music-infused play be filmed (he owned the screen rights) without her.

Of course, the rest is history, with Streisand winning an Oscar at the 1969 ceremony for her movie debut and contributing the statue-acceptance line “Hello, gorgeous!” to Academy Award lore. Katharine Hepburn also won a best actress Oscar (her third of four) for that year, for “The Lion in Winter.”

Q: Though Michael Weatherly has left the show, will Robert Wagner keep returning to “NCIS”?

— Tom Blake, Ormond Beach, Florida

A: In all likelihood, since there’s been a big mutual admiration society between Wagner and the cast of the long-running CBS show from the first time he appeared on it. The burden is on the writers to find creative ways of bringing Wagner back as the father of Weatherly’s now-absent Tony DiNozzo, and they were successful in doing that a couple of times this past season, so there’s no reason to think that won’t continue.

Q: Where have I seen Caroline Dhavernas of “Mary Kills People” before?

— Jane Darrow, Hope Mills, North Carolina

A: The Montreal-born actress’ knack for appearing in offbeat projects — especially on television — also has seen her in major roles in Fox’s “Wonderfalls,” ABC’s “Off the Map” and NBC’s “Hannibal,” and she confirmed to us in a recent chat that she has a taste for doing things that haven’t been done before on the home screen. That certainly applies to her current Lifetime series as well.

Q: I remember that the Charlie Sheen series “Anger Management” was going to be ordered for a firm 100 episodes if its first 10 episodes did well. I still see repeats of the show, so did that happen?

— Mark Prescott, via email

A: Yes, it did. FX was the sitcom’s original outlet, and in 2012, it proceeded with the original plan to order an additional 90 episodes. Those went into syndication afterward, after the show had roughly a 21⁄2 year life on FX, and some stations now run it in two-episode chunks.

Though it had a relatively brief existence, “Anger Management” wasn’t without its behind-the-scenes drama. The original female lead, Selma Blair, voiced complaints about working with Sheen …leading him to declare that if she didn’t leave the show, he would. She was the one to go, with singer-actress Laura Bell Bundy brought in as a new character, and co-star Brian Austin Green’s role beefed up. Sheen’s father Martin also had a recurring role on the series.

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