10 jobs where pay is rising the fastest

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• Glassdoor published a list of jobs that saw the biggest year over year pay increases in December.

• The occupations span across different fields, from truck drivers to restaurant cooks.

• The professions all saw at least a 3.4% year over year increase in wages in December.

What jobs are on the up and up right now?

Glassdoor‘s local pay reports for December found that overall, the median base pay in the US showed a 1.1% year over year increase.

The job site also recently released more findings listing the occupations that experienced even bigger rise in wages since December 2016.

Here are the jobs where pay has recently been rising quite a bit:

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Truck driver

Growth year over year: 3.4%

Median annual pay December 2017: $53,043

Technical support

Growth year over year: 3.5%

Median annual pay December 2017: $45,526

Bank teller

Growth year over year: 3.5%

Median annual pay December 2017: $28,792

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