Crimes and Their Punishments – Through the Ages

Punishments for Crimes through the ages – from the bizarre to outrageous, from the sublime to the ridiculous. We don’t know how lucky we are!

Many of us are apt to complain about sentences handed out by our Courts for crimes these days – too harsh, too lenient. But a quick look at some punishments for crimes through the ages, including in some countries today, we should really consider how much we really have to complain about.

Not only have punishments been truly shocking (and in some instances still are), but even some of the crimes are truly unbelievable.

Many Sydney criminal lawyers would have had their work cut out for them if some of these historical crimes were still on the statute books! Lucky for us that our complaints about the justice systems these days are limited to whether an offender should be given a jail sentence or community service, or whether a 2 year sentence is sufficient or whether 5 would have been better, and so on.

Thank goodness we don’t have to contend with crimes for which the penalty is being tortured to death by some truly unimaginable means. Criminal lawyers in Australia, as in Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and others, these days don’t have to plead for the type of mercy that offenders of times gone by had to. And of course, some of these barbaric practices do still exist today in other parts of the globe, as you can see below.

Some Crimes and Some Punishments You Won’t Believe

Take a look …

Crimes and Their Punishments

'Criminal Minds' Season 12 spoilers: Paget Brewster reprising role … – YIBADA English

  • Actress Paget Brewster speaks onstage during the Viacom Winter Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa on January 10, 2015 in Pasadena, California.

Actress Paget Brewster speaks onstage during the Viacom Winter Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa on January 10, 2015 in Pasadena, California. (Photo : Getty Images/ Imeh Akpanudosen)

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 will see the return of Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss, an FBI supervisory special agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit who will help track down the 13 serial killers. She is going to guest-star in a couple of episodes in the new season of the veteran CBS crime drama.


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The cast updates in “Criminal Minds” Season 12 was made by showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer during the Fan Favorite Panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Along with Brewster, Aisha Tyler is also going to reprise her role as Dr. Tara Lewis.

 “We’re excited to have Paget Brewster back for multiple episodes in our 12th season,” Entertainment Weekly quoted Messer as saying. “The BAU can use more help this year since they’ve got a lot of known and unknown subjects to catch.”

It is Brewster’s third time to return to the police procedural crime drama television series after she left Season 11. She was first seen in Season 2 in 2006 where she played as a regular cast member until Season 7. It is uncertain which episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 12 will Brewster appear.

On July 22, Friday, Brewster confirmed the news on Twitter that she is rejoining the CBS series. She just wrapped up her stint with FOX comedy “Grandfathered” that also stars John Stamos, Josh Peck and Christina Milian after only Season 1.

The actress played a supporting role in the short-lived Fox series as Sara, a single grandmother to Peck’s daughter. Rumors of the series cancellation started early in May despite average views of the initial season.

In 2014, Brewster was invited by Messer for the show’s 200th episode. In an interview with TV Guide, she shared that there was no reason for her to think twice when the executive producer offered her to come back for the special episode.

 CBS has no words yet whether Brewster will return in “Criminal Minds” Season 12 as a series regular. The new season is slated for a September release.

Check out more details on the return of Brewster in the new season:

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Lawyer Argues Against Criminal Contempt – KJZZ

(Photo by Jude Joffe-Block-KJZZ)

Mel McDonald, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s criminal defense lawyer.

(Photo by Jude Joffe-Block-KJZZ)

Cecillia Wang of the American Civil Liberties Union, who represents the plaintiffs.

(Photo by Paul Atkinson – KJZZ)

Criminal defense lawyers representing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and three others argued Friday their clients should not face criminal contempt of court charges for violating a federal judge’s orders.

U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow has threatened for over a year that Arpaio’s contempt case could end in Snow asking a prosecutor to pursue criminal contempt charges.

At Friday’s hearing Snow made comments suggesting his patience with the sheriff and other commanders had run out.

Arpaio flew to Phoenix early Friday morning to attend the 1 p.m. hearing after speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday night. His lawyer Mel McDonald told reporters the sheriff’s schedule had not allowed him to sleep in a day and a half.

In May, Snow ruled the sheriff willfully violated court orders in a long-standing racial profiling case. Among the violations was the sheriff’s office failure to implement a 2011 court order that forbade the sheriff’s office from doing immigration enforcement.

The judge found four members of MCSO in civil contempt of court, including Arpaio and Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan.

Snow recently issued a new set of orders for the sheriff’s office aimed at correcting problems at the agency that led to the contempt.  Those remedies include an overhaul of the internal affairs division and appointing outside authorities to oversee certain internal investigations and disciplinary matters.

But Snow has yet to decide whether this contempt case could become a possible criminal case.

On Friday, Arpaio’s criminal defense lawyer Mel McDonald tried to convince the judge that the sheriff’s time and resources would be better spent implementing the court’s various orders, rather than defending himself in a criminal trial.

“I think Judge Snow wants what’s best,” McDonald told reporters after court. “And my hope is that I’ve convinced him that the best way to go is to let us and the team we’ve assembled to work with the sheriff to satisfy the objectives he wants to obtain.”

Snow questioned McDonald why he should trust MCSO leadership to make a good faith effort to comply with orders.

“They lied to my face,” Snow said. “They lied not only to me, but they lied to internal investigators.”

Snow suggested he was through putting up with “that kind of stuff.”

Lawyer Lee Stein represents Sheridan and argued to the judge that as a result of the judge’s civil remedies, Sheridan would be investigated internally for untruthfulness. Since Sheridan’s job could be on the line, Stein argued that was a sufficient punishment.

Stein also argued with Snow over whether Sheridan willfully violated court orders, as Snow had found in his May ruling.

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the underlying racial profiling case addressed the judge briefly to argue the court had discretion to decide whether to make a criminal contempt referral.

American Civil Liberties Union attorney Cecillia Wang said to reporters later the plaintiff class – Latino motorists in Maricopa County – were harmed by MCSO’s violations of court orders.

“We have an interest in seeing that the matter is referred for further investigation by the federal authorities,” Wang said.

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More Criminal Minds And Beyond Borders Crossovers? Here's What We Know – Cinema Blend

When Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders first hit the schedule, the series seemed in a lot of ways like the more expansive series in the franchise, featuring characters who jet-setted across the globe to save Americans in danger all around the world. During Season 2, Beyond Borders lead Tyler James Williams is promising even bigger and better things for the drama, but also some more combinations of crossovers with the Criminal Minds team. Go ahead, get a little excited. Here’s what he had to say:

Our plane is bigger. Our goal is to do two times what we’ve done. One thing that is really fun and that we’re exploring more is the geography of the building—the fact we work in one place. There’s a lot of the two teams kind-of working together and seeing how they can bounce off of one another.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, you probably already know that Tyler James William’s character, Russ Montgomery, often has contact with Criminal Minds character Penelope, played by Kirsten Vangsness. The two have a sort-of playful relationship, although it’s one that has so far mostly revolved around the characters bantering and occasionally stealing mugs. The two teams had a full-fledged crossover during Beyond Borders backdoor pilot in an episode of Criminal Minds, but giving the characters from both shows more opportunities to work together can only prove fruitful for the CBS dramas–and for fans.

Crossover events have helped a lot of networks in recent years. NBC has seen ratings get boosted nearly every time the Chicago-set shows do a big crossover event. The CW has had similar success with crossovers on its DC Comics-oriented series. In fact, a crossover between The Flash and Supergirl likely helped the latter series land a new home on the CW earlier this year. So there is a precedent for the Criminal Minds franchise to do something similar.

As for the newer, bigger plane, I’m not sure what to even expect out of that. The Beyond Borders crew’s plane is already huge when compared to the smaller plane that the Criminal Minds crew favors. But it’s awesome that Beyond Borders even did what other C-Minds spinoffs could not do and landed a second season on CBS. Hopefully, it will stick around on the network for seasons and seasons to come and that characters from both shows will continue to be able to interact with one another.

While Criminal Minds is back in September, the spinoff isn’t expected to hit the schedule until midseason on CBS. Hopefully, the original series will use the opportunity to bring in the Beyond Borders cast on occasion before that show returns. Either way, we’ll keep you updated and you can check out all the fall TV premiere dates, here.

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Pulp fiction writer's inspiration comes from his day job: Criminal defense lawyer – News & Observer

Like a lot of working folks, Ryan McKaig of Raleigh has an artistic hobby to go with his professional career. He’s a criminal defense attorney by day (and sometimes by night, too, during busy stretches), and author whenever there’s time.

What’s unusual about McKaig, however, is how seamlessly those halves come together in his first published book, “Bull City Blues” (Sawtooth Valley Publishing). It’s a crime novel set in Durham, and McKaig tells the story through the eyes of his first-person protagonist John Egan – a defrocked-cop-turned-private-investigator.

“Bull City Blues” centers on the strangulation death of a rising young TV reporter. The victim’s boyfriend faces charges for her murder, and Egan’s investigation pulls him into a netherworld of greed, violence, political corruption, cops on the take and even a little sadomasochistic kink.

It’s a page-turning yarn, written in a matter-of-fact (and proudly politically incorrect) tone with plenty of real-world local details sprinkled in. A large part of the fun of “Bull City Blues” is trying to figure out the thinly veiled real-life inspirations behind various events and characters.

“When I was writing this book a year and a half ago, that was a time when Durham seemed like one of the most corrupt places on earth,” McKaig says. “… Durham’s always been unique with these extremes of wealth, poverty, higher education and vicious street violence all on top of each other. As the city has evolved, I think it’s struggled to reconcile that.”

His story

McKaig, 41, grew up in Raleigh and went to UNC-Chapel Hill. After graduation, working as a reporter took him to Colorado, Idaho and New York City – where he got off a subway not far from the World Trade Center the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, just in time to witness United Airlines Flight 175 crashing into the South Tower.

Two years later, McKaig gave up journalism and came back to North Carolina to study at Campbell Law School and become a lawyer. After a stint clerking for the Court of Appeals, he went to work as a criminal defense and civil litigation lawyer. So when he writes now, it’s for pleasure.

“The fun thing about writing is it’s a total escape,” McKaig says. “Doing criminal law and being in that world, you do develop an exaggerated view of how prevalent crime is because you see it so often.”

To that end, McKaig’s John Egan protagonist isn’t exactly a hero, but he’s not quite an anti-hero, either. He takes a very pragmatic view of justice, right and wrong, and he’s not above cutting corners and even taking the law into his own hands to set things to right.

“I wanted Egan to be a guy with a moral compass, but he’s also willing to lie, cheat and even kill to make the right thing happen,” McKaig says. “He’s someone who all but declares, ‘I have no problem lying, even under oath.’ I like him even though he’s despicable in a lot of ways. … Doing things like … trolling Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. There’s a lot you can do with a character like that.”

What pays the bills

Just about every criminal defense lawyer has a lot of stories about what they see day after day. McKaig is no different, and his work provides a steady stream of anecdotes and inspiration for fiction-writing.

It’s serious work – one of McKaig’s current cases is a lawsuit against the Lillington Police Department (in Harnett County, a place with law-enforcement issues) for excessive force, over a police chase that resulted in the death of a car passenger. But it’s not without dark humor, too.

“Criminals can actually be funny because of how stupid they are,” McKaig says. “And most of them are really, really stupid. Bank robbers are the worst, most of them don’t even know what a dye pack is. One guy got caught robbing a bank because they found an exploded dye pack in his car. His story was that someone else stole his car and did it, but he had dye all over him. He’d worn a black mask, and there was a Dollar Store receipt for it in the car. The cops found the cashier who said, ‘My hobby is drawing doodles of people who come in here.’ And she had what looked just like a composite sketch of him.

“You see the same people doing the same things with the same results over and over,” McKaig concludes, “where the only good that comes out of it is the entertainment value of watching them fail.”

What feeds the soul

While “Bull City Blues” is McKaig’s first book to see the light of print, it’s not the first one he has written. It’s his fourth book, following novels about domestic terrorists and Depression-era gangsters – plus an ambitious and quirky literary novel called “The Counterfeit Girl” that McKaig based on disgraced journalist Elizabeth Albanese, who was caught essentially fabricating her entire life and career in Texas a decade ago.

“The Counterfeit Girl” will be McKaig’s next book. He chose “Bull City Blues” to publish first because it’s the most accessible book he’s written so far.

“It’s the first one I wrote with a mass audience in mind, anyway,” McKaig says. “The others I mostly wrote for myself, where this one seems like the easiest, most entertaining read for people. It’s also the first one where I worked with a professional editor.”

That editor was the late Marjorie Braman, who also worked with the great Elmore Leonard. With its snappy, almost screenplay-esque dialogue, “Bull City Blues” should appeal to fans of Leonard and Carl Hiaasen.

It’s a quick read, and it was also a quick write for the author. In contrast to his other books, which McKaig labored over for years, “Bull City Blues” came in a single six-week burst, followed by a lot of editing.

“Every book before, I’d work through chapter by chapter really polishing as I went along,” McKaig says. “This one was easier because it was a subject I knew well and could easily write. I kept it short and simple, and it just poured out.”

Double Life

Double Life is an occasional series where we share the story of a local creative – artist, writer, maker – hidden in plain sight.

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Camden Criminal Lawyer: A Year in Crime in New Jersey – Blog (blog)

Despite its large population, New Jersey has a fairly low rate of violent crimewhen compared to other states. However, this does not mean New Jersey is a crime-free zone. In New Jersey, a crime occurs approximately every three minutes. These crimes range from minor offenses, like shoplifting and traffic violations, to serious crimes like murder and robbery. Every state has unique crime facts and statistics and New Jersey is no exception. A recent piece published on highlighted key findings from a study of crime in New Jersey in 2014 from the New Jersey State Police’s Uniform Crime Report. Below are a few highlights from the report.

In 2014, Crime Rates Continued to Fall in New Jersey

This has been the trend for the past decade. Overall, the state’s crime rate decreased by eight percent from 2013 to 2014. The only exception to the trend of falling crime rates was the rise in reported sex crimes, which authorities attributed to more victims opting to report their experiences, rather than more sex crimes occurring.

On Average, One Person was Murdered Each Day in New Jersey

In addition to one murder each day, there were 29 robberies, 31 aggravated assaults, 87 burglaries, 306 larcenies, 32 vehicle thefts, three rapes, and two acts of arson reported each day. Most of these acts of arson were attributed to children aged 13 or 14.

Three-Hundred Million Dollars Worth of Property was Stolen in 2014

Theft comes in many forms, like shoplifting, robbery, and fraud. In 2014, theft victims lost a total of $300 million worth of property in New Jersey. The average amount of money stolen during bank robberies was $4,195.

Camden Criminal Lawyers at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio Defend Individuals Charged with Crimes in New Jersey

If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, you need to work with a criminal lawyer in Camden who has experience helping clients successfully defend their cases in court. Get started on your case’s defense by scheduling your free legal consultation with the Law Offices of Michele Finizio. Located in Moorestown, our offices proudly serve clients in Camden County, Burlington County, Salem County, and Gloucester County. Fill out our online form or call 609-230-0374 to get started with our firm.

Despite its large population, New Jersey has a fairly low rate of  rel=”nofollow” >violent crimewhen compared to other states. However, this does not mean New Jersey is a crime-free zone. 

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Paget Brewster returning to 'Criminal Minds' – CNN

Story highlights

  • The actress has returned to the CBS show a few times before
  • The 12th season of “Criminal Minds” starts September 28
Big favorite Paget Brewster will reprise her role as FBI Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss for the hit CBS drama.
“We’re excited to have Paget Brewster back for multiple episodes in our 12th season,” Erica Messer, executive producer/showrunner for the series, said in a statement.
The procedural crime drama focuses on a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia.
Brewster has had quite the career on the show.
She was hired during season two and quickly became a fan favorite. Viewers were unhappy when she was let go from the show during season six, and Brewster was quickly rehired.
The actress announced she was leaving at the end of season seven to pursue other opportunities, but producers have brought her back occasionally, including for the 200th episode during season nine.
News of Brewster’s return was applauded on social media.
“Criminal Minds” returns for the new season on September 28.

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Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers Hires MJ Lawyer For Looming Criminal Prosecution –

0720-dani-mathers-tom-mesereau-instagram-tmzDani Mathers — the Playboy Playmate who took a picture of a naked woman in an L.A. gym — has hired no less than the famous lawyer who got Michael Jackson acquitted … and she has reason for worry.

We’ve learned Mathers hired Tom Mesereau, who not only got MJ off … he won a murder acquittal for Robert Blake.

TMZ broke the story, the LAPD launched a criminal investigation after the gym where the photo was taken filed a police report. Mathers not only snapped the pic in the locker area, she shamed the woman by writing a snarky caption and posting it on social media.

Our LAPD sources say they are on the hunt for the victim and are working closely with LA Fitness execs, combing over surveillance video and checking member swipes during the time in question to ID the victim. And, we’re told, they’re close.

Our sources say the LAPD would like to present a criminal case to the L.A. City Attorney but need the cooperation of the victim.

Mathers has been banned from the health club, and good luck finding another one.

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'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Spoilers: Most Dangerous Run to Kill Off BAU Agent? – Parent Herald

CW, CBS And Showtime 2012 Summer TCA Party - Arrivals

(L-R) The cast, actor Matthew Gray Gubler, actresses Jeanne Tripplehorn, A. J. Cook and actress Kirsten Vangsness and actor Joe Mantegna of the television show ‘Criminal Minds’ attend CW, CBS, And Showtime 2012 Summer TCA Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
(Photo : Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

“Criminal Minds” season 12 spoilers are hinting some major developments in the upcoming run. While details about the new season remains to be limited, the events that transpired in the previous run is enough proof that season 12 will be one of the most dangerous seasons for the show.


As CarterMatt noted, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is in extra danger as previously convicted criminals managed to escape from prison. “Criminal Minds” season 12 will revolve around the BAU trying to recapture these convicts, but fans will also see how the team will consider their every move, now that the convicted criminals are also out to seek revenge on them.

The site also speculated fans might even see another notable character exit the show. “Criminal Minds” season 12 spoilers hint that because of the dangerous spot they are in, it won’t be impossible for producers to kill off a major character on “Criminal Minds.” However, the site continued to speculate that letting someone die on the show could be the least of their options given how execs made a way for Derek Morgan’s exit without killing his character.

Meanwhile, a new addition to the BAU has been recently confirmed. “Criminal Minds” season 12 spoilers noted that Adam Rodriguez will be a series regular in the upcoming run and will most likely be Derek Morgan’s replacement, Vine Report shared.

“Criminal Minds” season 12 will see the return of other mainstays- Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook), and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness). The upcoming run is slated to return to the small screens on September 28, 2016.


Stay tuned for more “Criminal Minds” season 12 spoilers and updates here!

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Taylor Swift Threatened Kanye with Criminal Prosecution –

0718-kanye-taylor-snapchat-tmz-02Taylor Swift threatened Kanye West with criminal prosecution months ago for secretly recording her phone conversation with him … TMZ has learned.

TMZ has a copy of a letter Taylor’s lawyer sent to Kanye’s attorney back in February. The lawyer made it clear, under California law, anyone who secretly records a telephone conversation with someone in the state commits a criminal offense … and it’s a felony.

A source with direct knowledge of the conversation told TMZ it was recorded in an L.A.-area studio.

The letter threatens … “Demand is hereby made that you immediately destroy all such recordings, provide us of assurance that this has been done, and also assurance that these recordings have not been previously disseminated.”

Finally, Taylor also has the right to file a lawsuit against Kim and Kanye for violating the law.

Stay tuned.

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'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Adam Rodriguez Starts Fitting In – Gamenguide

  • Adam Rodriguez
  • Actor Adam Rodriguez attends the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards with Presenting Sponsor LACOSTE at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.
    (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CDG)

“Criminal Minds” season 12 will see a lot of changes, seeing former CSI Miami star Adam Rodriguez taking up from a departing Shemar Moore. Rodriguez has reportedly buckled down to work though details are still sketchy on what kind of role he will be having.


The only sure thing right now is that Rodriguez will be helping out the team in recapturing 12 escaped convicts from season 11. Worth noting is how he can be factored in with the team considering he is coming off a deep undercover assignment.

Period of adjustment

While Rodriguez is a tested actor, how he can gain the good graces and trust of the BAU team is expected to be a tough one. It will technically be life after “Derek Morgan” which means that Rodriguez and the rest of the “Behavioral Analysis Unit” will try to get a feel of each other.

With that in mind, the team is expected to experience some rough and tumble decision-making or encounters which may be in focus as they try to apprehend the escaped convicts.

Most notable among the escaped convicts is “Mr. Scratch” aka “Peter Lewis” (Bodhi Elfman). He is a hacker, serial killer and stalker dating back to season 10 so it will be interesting how he will play out the coming season.


Spencer Reid will be most affected

It was also mentioned in a previous post that Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Guber) will be the most affected team member following Morgan’s departure. Will he make it hard on Rodriguez and set the bar high? Or will he have issues with the CSI star from the get-go?

The getting-to-know-you stage will be one of the highlights for season 12 but like other TV series, everything is likely to work out. Criminal Minds season 12 returns on Sept. 28 on CBS.


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